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Eduardo Gonzalez speaking at AB 27 Business Club Event

One of our speakers at AB 27 Business Event - Eduardo Gonzalez - shared his success story. When he was 28 years old and someone asked him if he wanted to be in City Council, he didn’t know what was that about. In 1999 he was elected to the Hialeah City Council and re-elected 2 times after. Same happened in 2006 when he got a chance to run for Florida House of representatives. “That’s not me” - he said and a week later he won in a landslide. Being a modest person he’d been always used to work hard without even dreaming big. But fighting for the people he represented became his real passion. “People always should be first” - states Eduardo as his core idea and the main motivation for work.

In 2014 Eduardo had to face his first failure when he lost in elections. But he didn’t give up, thanks to support of his family. He had to start from zero, invent new things, founded new business. His political experience of building relationships with people helped him a lot. “There are opportunities for all of us in the world that we are living in” - said Eduardo, adding how important it is to always move forward.

Eduardo Gonzalez is the president of Sun City Strategies, LLC, a business and government consulting company located in Hialeah, Florida. Mr.Gonzalez is a graduate

of Miami Dade College.

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