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Interview with Adina Brunetti, President of the AB 27 Business Club

Adina, tell us, how did you come up with the idea to create a club of entrepreneurs?

The idea has been maturing for a long time. As an entrepreneur, I have been attending various meetings and events for a long time. And, in spite of the fact that there are a lot of business clubs and various associations in Miami, I think that this sphere is still not sufficiently developed. A huge number of business owners operate separately, do not interact with each other, there is no exchange of experience and connections. A fruitful joint work gives a tremendous boost to the business of each of the participants in such business clubs. In addition, many business clubs are first require considerable annual membership fees for unpredictable effect. I could not find a club for myself, which I would like to visit regularly, and decided to create my own together with my friends-entrepreneurs. The initiative was picked up quickly. I decided to be a person who would take on organizational responsibilities. Since I also run Miami VIP Events company that organizes events, this I took upon myself "social burden".

Adina, who are the participants of your Club meetings?

Among our members, there are representatives of various business areas, from designers to people working with government structures. It is the introduction of strong ideas from one sphere of business to another that gives a powerful effect for development, a fresh look at the state of things in one's own business.

How often does your Club manage to meet?

At the end of 2017, we almost went to a weekly meeting format with our club members. For 2018 we plan a series of public events, such as Business Networking Event on March 17 in Hialeah, will be gathering 200 or more entrepreneurs and business owners. .

Are there any goals for your Club?

The Club's tactical goal for today is to jointly overcome the problems arising in business activities and solve actual business problems for each. And in general, the activities of the Club are aimed at implementing large joint projects. The Club's strategic goal is to organize a steady growing business for each member of the Club with the delegation of all functions by employees, including the delegation of operating activities to the hired director.

The goal is not simple, but worthy to work together to achieve it. In AB 27 Business Club there are entrepreneurs who are very close to such a business organization and generously share their experience with the rest.

How to get to your club?

The Club Membership can be easily accessed on

Does your club interact with other clubs and associations?

Of course! We are open for cooperation! Using the opportunity, I even want to make some kind of call: Colleagues! Create clubs and associations! Invite us to visit, and we will be happy to invite you to our place!

I will add that the Entrepreneur is not necessarily the owner of the business. This is a person who regularly comes up with ways to make her or his life better, and successfully embodies her or his ideas in life. Who does not wait, lying on the couch, when she is given something by the government, destiny, karma, relatives, neighbors, friends, the Universe, but changes, creates her magnificent, beautiful, harmonious Life herself! We are always glad to see such people in our Club!

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