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Like-Minded People In Business

The culture of business networking is one of the directions developed by the well-known business woman Adina Brunetti.

Today, to expand your business circles, it is not enough to attend professional conferences and seminars: informal communication with companies and government representatives, networking, allows to develop business and increase the circle of communication. In Miami, there are already several clubs and communities that are created for that, but I decided to see how it works.

The main advantage of business clubs were the first to be appreciated by successful, ambitious people, open to everything new. For example, AB 27 Business Club holds events for small business owners and entrepreneurs

 to connect together new business ideas and success stories.

Basically, our business club’s mission is to support the club members in their intention to realize their potential, expand personal, commercial 

and creative opportunities.

Main objective is to provide assistance in the creation, development of business projects. Assistance in the development of professional competencies and personal growth.Organization of a site for communication and business events, holding highly specialized meetings, discussion of ideas for individual industries.

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